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How long should I store my DIALUXE ice globes in the fridge? 

You can choose to place your DIALUXE ice globes into the fridge for as little as 30 minutes or overnight. 

*Dont worry! The cold temperature in the fridge will not weaken your new globes!*

However please make note to not store your ice globes in the freezer! 

How to care for your DIALUXE ice globes

To take care of your ice globes, damp a soft cloth with an antibacterial solution and clean them. Clean the stems after each use and prior to placing them in the freezer. 


A skin care fridge is suitable too! This will lightly cool the ice globes and activate the ice gels inside your DIALUXE ice globes. 


The rubber handle is easy to clean and adds a layer of protection to your DIALUXE ice globes. 

Can my DIALUXE ice globes help me medically? 

Not only are the DIALUXE ice globes meant as a beauty tool to help you achieve your beauty goals, they are also meant to help medically! 


They can help so many medical conditions such as:

-Migraines & Headaches

-Anxiety & Depression

- Helps with skin Oxygenation

- Fatigue & Insomnia 

- Digestive problems

- Increases collagen production, elastin production and stimulates blood circulation

-Edema, Swelling, Puffiness and Inflammation 

- Muscle tension 

-Muscle knots 

- Helps massage and relax the body 

-Lymphatic drainage (which has many health benefits that are explained in your DIALUXE E-Book)


The DIALUXE Aesthetics Ice Globes have helped so many people with their medical problems in addition to enhancing their skin care. We wanted to target not only with helping everyone around the world build their confidence and skin care but help them overcome medical issues that they may be going through.


Your health, confidence and goals are so important to us. 


DIALUXE Aesthetics 

How often can I use my DIALUXE ice globes?

You can use your DIALUXE facial ice globes as often as you want!


*They are created with top grade material while being both luxurious and durable so you will never have to worry about ruining the globes. *


It is recommended to use your DIALUXE ice globes both morning or night. You can choose to use them a minimum of once a day and use them however often you want to. You can use them on a daily to enhance your skin care, facial muscles, define your face and promote healthy lymphatic drainage or you can choose to use them whenever you need extra assistance. 


You can learn more about uses in your DIALUXE E-Book as well as go on the Benefits page on our site! 

Can I use these at home?



Of course you can use these at home. We have developed the DIALUXE E-book in order to aid your routine with your DIALUXE ice globes. We have made the facial ice globes easy for at home use and aestetician use in salons. You can use them on your face, head and body.


Check out our social media for tutorials!


Instagram: @dialuxeaesthetics 

Tik Tok: @dialuxeaesthetics 

Facebook: dialuxeaesthetics 

As an Injector and Beauty Esthetician can I purchase in bulk and sell these to my clients?

At DIALUXE Aesthetics we strive to enhance the world of self care! If you would like to sell our products to your customers simply contact us at:


email: or



If you would like to speak over the phone, simply email the above email addresses and book an over the phone meeting with an advisor.

Contact information 

To contact us you can reach us on our social media platforms or email our customer service team!




Tik Tok: @dialuxeaesthetics


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